Guided tours

Guided tour

If you want to know the whole history of this long-established institution, feel free to join our expert guides in the halls of the Arús Public Library, to better understand its evolution and the social and political context of 20th century Barcelona. The tour also grants access to the biggest Sherlock Holmes collection in Spain.

The tours are organized by Cases Singulars. Individual visits or groups of a minimum of 10 people.

Classes and teaching visits aimed at high school and university students

The Library offers the possibility for teachers to do practical classes with the Library documentation or on the occasion of some exhibition of interest. In the event that teachers consider it necessary, our staff can also provide a small, complimentary guided tour of the Library.

La Biblioteca estarà tancada per vacances des de l’1 al 31 d’Agost inclusivament.
La Biblioteca estará cerrada por vacaciones desde el 1 al 31 de Agosto inclusive.
The Library will be closed for holidays from 1 to 31 August inclusive.